Jesco Under Cabinet

Can JESCO S402 be directly connected to existing romex coming out of wall, without plug?

“Shelve” is a verb.

That is all.


I’m not an electrician or an expert on your local codes. However, you can gut the plug off and use wire nuts to connect it to a circuit like any other light fixture. I’m sure your local codes would require this be done within a box, but I’m not sure about the rest. Call your local code enforcement office and ask, they are usually friendly and happy to answer questions, often in a scheduled call back.

would these be ok to put around a bathroom vanity?

Or would that be too wet?

The output voltage for the fixture is 5v which is very low voltage. You’re most likely going to plug this into an outlet near the vanity which should be GFI protected, which is required in all wet locations. It shouldn’t be a problem :wink:

available from jescostore dot com for the same price, free shipping, no tax, no 3 item limit… just sayin’.

What is the maximum distance between lights?

What item are you asking about?


Ordered the Lighting KIT-SD131-TR3-A Orionis
3 light under cabinet.

Woot description says - Condition: New

Arrived today (June 18).

Box and product indicate - Condition: Used, Returned, Partially Refurbished(?).

I’m not sending it back, because I like it. But new is new, used is used.
Just sayin’.

How do you plug these in to the light? I have the power cord, but for the life of me cannot figure out where it plugs into the light. thanks!