JETHAX OBD2 Scanner, Bluetooth 4.0

JETHAX OBD2 Scanner, Bluetooth 4.0

Anyone have experience with this? Reviews stated you have to pay a subscription fee? It’ll drain the battery if left plugged in?

I’m looking to connect this to my android phone and/or stereo head unit via the torque app. Seems like it’ll only connect to one device and be locked to that device only?

I have some products like these. They are all made in china and most share the same hardware, but have different packaging. I have $4 bluetooth obd2 readers that work the same as $30 ones. There are some more expensive ones do additional tests.

Most apps are free and offer paid versions with more features like data logging, guages, and graphing. Never heard of a subscription.

It won’t drain batteries. Obd2 port is only powered after the key is turned.

Thanks chrissn13!