JHS 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

JHS 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

All other websites show the 14,000 BTU unit only able to cool 320 sq ft, so is it really 500 sq ft or not.

That’s straight from jHS. This website seems to agree

Woot says the largest unit is 500 Sq Ft Model (A018-12KR/C) that is a 12,000 btu unit, the manufacturer says the largest unit is 500 Sq Ft Model (A018-14KR/C) that is a 14,000 btu unit, which one is it. look at the text under the unit for sale and then look to the right and click on the different models.

Thanks for the callout. We updated the features to the correct model number. It is 14K BTUs.

My experience with similar portable units is they have half the actual cooling capacity of an equivalent window unit of the same rated capacity. Window units are typically BTU/20 = cooling square feet. So a 14.5K BTU in a window unit would cool ~700 sq/ft while a single-hose portable would cool about half that at 350 sq/ft. I have no experience with dual-hose portables but I would expect them to perform better than a single-hose.

Does the smallest unit visibly have the same grill pattern and design look as the 400 and larger model since it is not pictured?

Hi there. There are photos. Click on the arrow to go through the photo gallery. Or on the app, swipe.

My 2007 Pontiac G6 has a non-functioning AC for the past year. Anyone here have advice on if I can somehow weasel this thing in through a window or something and keep my car cool? The mechanic quoted some 4 figure dollar amount to fix AC. I laughed all the way home in my 3 figure worth car.


If you own enough duct tape, it should be no problem
This model of AC will fit your vehicle perfectly!

It also adds value to your vehicle to add features like AC.


oooh… @wajeremy sent me some duct tape links yesterday… But its like a party tape or something


Did you try turning it off and back on again?

Also that’s a Volvo or a Lada or something.

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That’s OK! It should work perfectly for your 2007 Pontiac G6. Just use a little extra duct/party tape. Be sure to strap that generator on real good!

How do I make it invisible so that the Mrs. is not embarassed to drive around in my car?

Maybe… a can of Rustoleum the same color as your car will work? Just paint it!
Tape ferns, leaves or plastic bananas around the AC unit to distract her?
Stand in front of the AC unit or hang your coat on it?


wow, thats pretty detailed. Is this coming from experience @daveinwarshington?

Well, not really…
I’m just trying to help you in your time of AC need…
I’ve got lots of ideas if you want!

Frozen water bottles hung in front of your car vents may work too!

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something like this might actually work:

wow!!! This is some amazing stuff. @ThunderThighs… you should recommend him for some sort of a Woot Award for engineering hacks.

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