Jim Beam 3-in-1 Skillet with Griddle

Jim Beam 3-in-1 Skillet with Griddle

What size is it. Not much info on the description.

Dimensions needed.

Hi there. We asked for dimensions. We’re waiting to hear back.

What’s the size? Really? Who would buy something without the size?

33.02 x 27.94 x 15.24 cm; 5.43 Kilograms

One of the photos shows dimensions: 12.25” x 10” x 2”. Lid shows as 0.5”.

Shows on 3rd pic. I replied below

It shows the dimensions on the third photo. You’ve got it right there, Woot

I saw those but I don’t trust info on stock photos.

Anyway, here’s ALL the measurements:

height of the lid itself is 0.5”

height of the skillet without the lid is 2”

Height of the skillet including the lid is 2.5”.

Size of skillet without the lid without lid: 12.25” x 10” x 2”

Lid size: 12.25” x 10” x 0.5”

Size of the skillet including lid: 12.25” x 10” x 2.5”

Does the dimensions include the handles? If not, does anyone have that?

It looks square so I’d guess 10" x 10"