Jim Beam Cast Iron Griddle

Jim Beam Cast Iron Griddle

Is it oven safe? Up to what temperature?

Howdy. Sorry for the late answer. Yes and 500° F

Is that a doughnut on the grill? :grinning:

Does kinda look like one. I’m guess chicken but I don’t understand the whole.


That’s a mighty determined way to warm up a Krispy Kreme.
Someone hunts chickens with a .357 magnum

Griddle cooking looks better than this…

Are you the same ThunderThighs who has been answering questions in the chat since at least 2008 that I remember?

Does the dimensions listed include the handles? Is the 20" from the outside of the handles or is that the width of the griddle area? What is the overall outside dimension?


I am. HI!

Good morning.

The overall size is 20” x 9” (20” is including handles)

Length without handles is 16.75”.

Does it work on an induction cooktop?