Jim Beam Cast Iron Griddle

Jim Beam Cast Iron Griddle

So is this a flat griddle or have gill notches? I’m so confused on images. I will purchase and than return if no grill notches.

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Both exist.

  • Reversible Griddle goes from smooth surface to ridge surface.
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Cool. In hopes this just doesn’t end up in the garage. Next to where the pre-seasoned cast iron pizza pan and 6" vegetable grill are sitting.

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Only real complaint is that the raised “Jim Beam” lettering really make this thing much harder to clean than it needs to be.

If your vegetables are 6", how long is the grill?

That’s just it. That cast iron 6" vegetable grill was just to small to cook with. Never removed from packaging. Have a 6 burner. This however looks promising.

I felt the same just from pre-washing. Can’t wait to spend that much more time on cleaning this.

Update: This works good. Served it’s purpose for squash and zucchini on the grill. Could’ve went without the raised brand labeling. I could easily see left over residue being difficult to remove from the lettering.

This stupid thing is NOT 20" across, it is 16.5". The handles don’t $%^ count when you are trying to fit this thing across burners. Sending it back.

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Thank you for the feedback. I added “including handles” to the features.

Is that a doughnut satay to the right of the kebab?

Maybe? I mean, that’s one way to have a warm donut.

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