Jimmy… Is That You?


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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grats noisdois on another shirt so soon

Now thats a funny shirt!

Had to grab one :open_mouth:

I like the design, but I feel bad for the little pumpkins.
congrats to the artist! :slight_smile:

Congrats on the print. Looks great!

Congrats! I got two! :smiley:

Awww, I didn’t make it as first wooter. At least I can claim responsibility for Maryland being yellow right now.

Love this shirt. Congrats on the print!

I bought mine and I am psyched to wear it! I love pumpkins/jack o’ lanterns so woohoo! :smiley:
I also showed this one to a good friend and my mom and they love it as well.
Congratulations noisdois! :slight_smile:

nice tshirt! keep em coming!

Get a big jump on something to wear for Halloween.

Congrats on print #2, noisdois! And most people who buy this will probably be able to get this before Halloween. Probably. :wink:

I’m waiting for your shirt to come up tomorrow!

that is so so wrong.

it made me lol.

great shirt… it should have been Jack instead of Jimmy though

It’s a great idea and I’d already have bought it if not for the emo pumpkin. No thanks! I might however do this on my porch for halloween.

just what i was saying to my friend

In for 2! :slight_smile:

Amazing shirt. I laughed for like a minute after I saw it and I knew I had to buy it.