Jingle Smells

Perfect. My favorite Batmobile.

The old schoolyard classic – still relevant after all these years.

Started humming the tune, got thru “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Joker laid an egg!”
Looked closely at the shirt, looking at Jokers’ hands.
Saw Robin with the egg.
Googled the Lyrics.

I stand corrected.

lol! Great Print, Droidloot! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I always sang it

Jingle bells, Santa smells
Rudolph picked his nose
All of Santas little Elves
has dirt between their toes.

Here’s the video:

I always thought it was “Joker took ballet”

This makes all the other ugly sweaters weep. Love it.

robin lays the egg because…robin? type of bird? get it? get it?! hahahahaha

okay it’s not that funny, but this shirt is full of sweet, sweet nostalgia. A+.

We always sang it “And Penguin got away”

Gotta wonder if the entire episode was made just so they could have the Joker officially singing that.

I always heard that there was also a bowl of Cheerios involved.

As A kid maybe I sang it right, but even then that reference was lost on me!! Thanks for pointing that out! (and to think I just wrote some poetry using homophones!!)

Me too. :smiley:

Looks like wooters from every state! I can’t imagine that happens very often.

Loved it and bought one for each of the little ones.

Is there a way to order this as a Christmas sweater? I think it would be great to have for upcoming Ugly Christmas Sweater parties!

I agree with this request. I missed out on the first offering that featured the sweater option. I ordered a t-shirt, but would still prefer a sweater.

If only it was actually a sweater instead of a T-shirt.

When will it be available as a sweater again?