JLAB Audio FLEX Studio DJ Style Headphones

Just got my pair today. Well worth the 20$. Solid bass, great treble, and super comfortable. Only issue is the cord is pretty short.

Bought these a month or so ago from a retailer in Woot’s backyard. I agree. They are very good. Installed a Bluetooth receiver to them and they are now wireless.

Sorry to be so ignorant but how is a Bluetooth receiver hooked up and where can I get them? What would I search for on eBay. and what should I expect to pay? Are they high or available inexpensively. I thought it was either Bluetooth or wired and you couldn’t buy anything to make it Bluetooth. Thanks for your input.

Extremely easy!!! This is what you want.

Buy from Amazon. TaoTronics makes very good products. Inexpensive and they work. I have bought many over the past several years. They all still work. Now, I gift them to people when they see mine working. All you need do is plug your headset into this device set it in pairing mode and pair it with your other device…presumably a phone. Turns your headset into a wireless device.