JLab Bouncer Bluetooth Speaker (2 Colors)

**Item: **JLab Bouncer Bluetooth Speaker (2 Colors)
Price: $79.99
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Take a look at this 4 star review from Staples

Review, and more pics from Electronista

Anyone know how these compare to the Jawbone Jambox (big or regular) or the Bose Soundlink?

Lot’s of additional info can be found on the productpage

Well… they’re significantly bigger for one thing.

Dimensions 30" (W) x 13" (D) x 10" (H)

Those dimensions seem extreme… I checked out some images on the web and found that the dimensions appear to be about half of what is claimed. Hopefully someone can clarify.


Damn you woot. I bought this from amazon about a month ago for 99 dollars. First off this in’t battery operated. I just use it like boom box outdoors. Its volume is loud, sound quality is decent.

just measured the width on this it comes in at about 12 1/2 inches.

I just ordered an Oontz Angle from Cambridge Soundworks for $40 at Amazon. It’s small and probably not quite the same sound quality, but it has a rechargeable battery, which is a big plus for me. This one needs AC.

Interesting. Not a single actual audio spec in the entire description here or on their website. Two 12 Watt Super Drivers doesn’t tell you anything.

I can’t believe they don’t supply even minimal audio specifications. I guess that says something right there!

That being said, I just picked up their “The Crasher” battery powered bluetooth speaker from here and it sounds good considering its tiny size. It works as stated and for the price, it was a steal.

Larger, more expensive audio equipment like this, I’d be hard-pressed to consider without even minimal audio specifications.

Is it just me or does this look alot like something that Charlie’s voice would be providing instructions to his angels on??

We just measured this, specs are 13x5.5x4.5. Specs have been updated.

List price is $279 so this has to be a bargain,right. The manufacturer wouldn’t have such a high list price if it wasn’t worth it so I wonder why Amazon has it for only $99 with free shipping.Save $15 using Woot.

Those are probably centimeters instead of inches.

I bought the JLab Crasher on Groupon and auditioned for less than an hour before shipping it back. If you like Mud and Distortion - it’s perfect for you.

I bought a Beats Pill (I got a 1/2 off discount)and for the size and features it blew away the Crasher. I would not buy another JLab product based on their total failure on the Crasher. Oh BTW, I’m a former acoustic engineer (retired) so I have some experience.

I love specs as much as the next person but this is too much.

This is a portable travel speaker… I’d use it at a friends back yard, or camping, or even at work in the break room.

Please use some context when complaining about specs or lack thereof considering this isn’t an amplifier driven speaker system