JLab Crasher Bluetooth Speaker

**Item: **JLab Crasher Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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starting to think whoever the server blesses

That was literally gone in under 3 seconds.

We’re gonna need you to move your desk back a little further so we can fit more boxes in here… yeeeeeeeaaaahhhh…

Ok woot, this is just an utterly terrible approach. again I say. why not actually reward wooters who actually buy stuff. maybe offer it AFTER you purchase something randomly.

This is just a race to see who can use the best bot or fastest ip and such.

Thunder thighs, you need to take charge of woot and fix this. you are our only hope.

I’m terrible at this game!

Where’s the LOVE button???

I think im getting worse… next thing you know i will actually be eating my hair.

So is this better or worse than the Pyle version on Tech!?

starting to think this BOC method is l_a_m_e

Good question!

Even though I haven’t bagged one, there’s been a chance like the past 5 items or something! That is super cool. Plus, it’s just F5 and a few clicks, so I haven’t lost my entire workday to a puzzle (as fun as they are). There are upsides, here!

All of you so sad about being so close, just remember, when you do succeed, you will know you were the FIRST and the one and only.

And, for the ones actually upset, all the write ups everywhere tell you the aggravation and pain and anguish of catching a BOC are never worth it! Of course they aren’t, if you’re having a lousy time! Sheesh.