JLab Crasher Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Lots of good reviews on Amazon

Videos, specs, and more on the Product Page

**Item: **JLab Crasher Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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I swore my friends had one of these at a party this weekend and said you could link more than one together for all around sound.

Found a single perfect review over at tigerdirect.com

No fair!

I recently bought something directly from Jlabs (boc)) and with the item I got a coupon for 75% off the Crasher. My final price would have been $50.

And here woot is selling it for LESS than direct from the company, with a coupon!

I have to chime in, I have now bought 3 of the pyle water proof ones that have been on woot and 1 sale a day, the fact that I have now been paddling about 12 times with the 1st unit in the ocean and it’s still rocking says it all… I would NOT waste my $$ on a non waterproof, cause dust will get inside of the JLab and ruin it like my jambox and the westinghouse one I tried. the pyle is by far the best for the $$$ bar none !!!

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz? I’d like to point out that high end Martin Logan speakers have that range for $5000 but I’d wager a king’s ransom that a dinky 4" bluetooth speaker doesn’t. Furthermore when a frequency response is listed without its variation across that spectrum at a given power, like: ±3 db for example, there’s no frame of reference.
Despite this, it still seems like a good deal, I just dislike the misleading specifications.

It looks like an appliance. O_o

Hmmmmm most of those glowing amazon reviews are from people who have ONLY reviewed Jlab products…

It looks like it can make toast OK but will it heat up bagels OK?

This has been happening MORE and MORE online, ESP with Amazon, Padded reviews where some people only shop for highest reviewed products sometimes. I hate that

I just spent $29.99 for the normally 49.99/69.99 Auvio 4000375. I was thinking that something with a battery like that should also be able to charge a cell phone (but doesn’t). Battery life is 6 hours. Freq response 100-15k. This looks like a deal.

Never underestimate the B.S. power of American marketing. I just saw “Free Range Chicken Flavor” cat treats.

OMG…Free Range Chicken flavor cat treats. Yeah, my cats are so picky, they know the taste of free range and factory “flavoring” of chicken. Too funny!

Would this be good for sitting out on the deck with some friends? Not a big party, just a few buddies drinkin’ some beers and grillin’ some burgers.

Looking for something that I can connect my iPhone too and stream some Pandora.

A few more reviews from Tiger Direct for the Black version:

Came here to say this. Very suspect.

And if that’s not to your cat’s taste, you can flavor it up with some of that Non-GMO Himalana Rock Salt I saw a couple weeks ago…