JLab Earphones with Mic - (Your Choice)

$27.19 on Amazon for the J6M in Blue which is what I got my eye on. Good reviews, seems like a good deal.

TONS of reviews (3.4 out of 5.0) on the J3M over at amazon

Check out the product page for the J3M and J6M

What is the major difference between the 2 models?

Umm, new J6Ms in the titanium silver are available from an Amazon reseller (92% feedback) for $13.99 including shipping – better deal than this Woot after shipping – http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00A71TW3S Scroll down to New items after the features resellers. I know nothing about the reseller - just pointed out another option.

I’ve got a pair of the J6M’s, they’re good earphones. They don’t have quite as much low end as the Wicked Audio Jawbreakers I used before them, but the build quality is much higher. I’d recommend 'em.

Looks like the J6M has the double flappy earbud which means better noise reduction and sturdier fit.


Compare with the J3M which does not


If you listen to TWiT, Leo was talking about these double flaps a few weeks ago (before his trip to Europe) and he seemed very positive about the double flaps (sorry I don’t know the name for that).

If I wanted any noise isolation,
I’d pick the J6M over the J3M.

I use these constantly for work conference calls. Great value.

The J6Ms is a single ear bud - lower cost

Do the in line controls have volume and pause functions?

No volume control. It is a single button that allows you to pause/play for audio playback and answer/end for calls.

i would easily give the j3m a 5 out of 5. for that price i have not found better earbuds yet. they have a very balanced sound with real good lows but they don’t drown out the mids or highs either. i suggest these for any music type. maybe not as much for just audiobooks. also the warranty on these is amazing. if you want alot of deep bass for cheap check out the wood housed marley’s

Just pause/play? No skip function?

Umm… No.

They are awesome as a company and have very rad products. The J5’s and J.Fi’s are some of the best they offer; but the j3m’s have an exceptional sound that I had never had before these in earbuds. Above even that, but not to overshadow it, is their customer service. If they break, JLab has your back, every time. I haven’t tried out the J6’s yet and I think they were going for a more accessible product line there after their heaftily engineered j5’s, I’m sure the sound is still great.

Their portable bluetooth speakers are also great. Were I a richer man I’d set up a sound system of them throughout the house. As is, I just move it around with me as I work.

Press the button twice to skip forward, 3 times to go back.

Verified? My wife needs some new buds to go with her iPod 4gen Nano that will allow skip of songs.

And this is what I don’t like about Woot.
Just bought 3 sets of the J3’s on here during the woot off 4 days ago for the same price the J6’s are going for today ($3 more each than what the J3’ were going for today)
Annoying, but liveable.

The part that gets me is the arbitrary “retail prices” listed. 4 days ago it said the retail price on the J3’s was $89.95, today the retail on the choice of the J3 or J6 is $49.99? Come on Woot, really?

It works on my nano 6th gen, Classic, touch 4th & 5th Gen & iPhone 4s. Play/pause works on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7", but not the HTC One V.

It doesn’t seem to work with the iPhone 3Gs though. Not sure about the nano 4th gen.