JLab Headphones

It looks in the picture like these have a control pod (volume up / down, and an end call button) inline. The jack looks like it supports it (4 contact rings). Can anyone confirm?

I looked around and found a review, it sounds (HA!) like they aren’t really that good. http://www.digitaltrends.com/headphone-reviews/jlab-diego-review/

I’m just looking for some cheap 'phones I can use while working around the house. If they get caught on brush or a tool, I don’t want to be out $20 or more. I mostly listen to podcasts and I’m decidedly not an audiophile. They must have controls inline so I don’t have to take off gloves to work the touch screen. Anyone got any ideas?


Hey Glen, looks like you’re interested in the Diego? We have the instruction manual linked in the features. That may answer your questions.

Thank you ThunderThighs, indeed it did answer my questions. The documentation says:


No, no, wait, no one can read that. It says:


So it turns out that these get a bad review from the audiophiles for sound, and while you can receive and end calls, and skip forward and back a track, it does not look like you can change the volume. I’ll pass.

EDIT: Some people can read that.

hello.it looks so nice .
I want to buy one for myself