JLab J6M High-Performance Earbuds w/Mic

I am a fan of the JBud sound - for the price.

But jesus, the quality control on these things is sketchy. I think I’ve been through 5 or 6 pairs in a year and a half.

So, better sound than most $20 earbuds (excuse me, In Ear Monitors). But much lower build quality. Or maybe what makes them sound better makes them break faster. I dunno.

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I should get some of these since I break headphone like crazy.

Here’s the User Manual: http://www.jlabaudio.com/manuals/earbuds.pdf

I wonder if these sound significantly better than the ones that came with my Samsung Galaxy S3?

If you are hard on headphones - I’d give these about 15 minutes until one ear starts to short out.

Where is everybody? No more $5 for 24 hours free shipping and everybody jumps ship?

Who wants to help me start a Woot replacement site that actually does Random Crap?

Yep, would have bought these without checking the reviews if shipping for all items was 5 dollars a day. Glad I read the reviews first. Besides I love the rx12’s I bought from woot a few weeks ago. I think I’ve become a member of team Meelectronics.

LOL well hope springs eternal, I picked up a blue pair of these and a shirt off shirt.woot. So I guess I’ll see how quickly I can kill these by dropping my Nano and pulling them out of my ears over and over again… at least it’ll move the woot-off forward. =D

Careful, you’ll get booted from the boards…

Naw… they are right though…
This is kind of ridiculous. I have been trying all day for a BOC and have just failed one time after another.

It used to be so different, so much more fun, and just one let down if you didn’t get it. Instead of one let down after another, over and over again like it is right now =/

I really wish Woot would have not been a sell out and had stuck to their own ways because they are losing loyal customers, and traditions.


Oh Dear God, how slow can that % left bar move?