JLab JBuddies Kid's Headphones

Bought a few of these last time for my son and they are decent headphones. I like that there is a separate volume knob on the headphones and they won’t get too loud.

Downsides are that they can be hard to hear in very noisy environments or so says the 3yo. Also, the stickers for the side leave much to be desired.

I got these about a week ago. My 7 year old twins LOVE them! They have used them with their laptops, tablets, and mp3 players. The beauty is that they are in the same room and not fighting AND I know the volume is controlled to protect their ears.

I don’t have these exact one’s but I have experience with noise-limiting earbuds from JLabs I bought for my son. The limiting is really a problem on airplanes. They are basically useless for any kind of audio on a plane. However, I do really like they limit how loud they go in all other situations.