Jlab JBuds NoiseReducing Ear Buds

Anyone know if these are any good?

Sorry, Woot!, but this BULLSHIT to call these “noise reducing” earbuds. They have no more noise reduction than any other in-the-ear earbuds. This is gross false advertising (i.e. not just false advertising but plain ol’ lyin’) and confuses people into thinking that these are somehow magical, $2.49 noise CANCELLING earbuds.

I agree. Just call them earbuds.

That’s how they were marketed when these came out.

We take copy directly from the vendor.

Have gotten these in the past. Work great. The kids live these as well because they are lightweight and comfy. In for 3!

While it’s true that the “noise reducing” feature is perhaps misleading in its intent, complaining about something that costs $2.49 seems misguided.

I own a pair of these and they work perfectly fine for what they are: cheap earbuds. Mine cost more but came with three different sizes of silicone plugs, which I found useful for finding the right fit. Highly recommended as a cheap solution for trips where you won’t be upset if they’re lost or damaged (like camping, road trips, swimming pools, etc.). Sound quality is exactly what you’d expect for this price; base isn’t stellar, but everything is there and sounds fine.

I’m not particularly picky with my headsets, but I thought they sounded pretty crappy. I mostly use them to watch TV on my bedside computer and I’m not even sure if I got through one TV show with them before I switched them to the frontward firing type Apple earbuds. They sound kind of hollow. I wondered if perhaps Woot had been sourcing them from a supplier of fakes, because if the MSRP is $20-ish, then they should sound way better than what mine do. I think these are maybe just a step up from the 99 Cents Only Store earbuds. I got some Panasonic Ergo Fit earbuds from Fry’s with a promo code for $3.49 and I think they sound stellar, so I’m not a sound snob by any measure.

These might be great for kids that go through them quickly.

These are cheap and suck, they arent worth the 5 dollars to ship. Maybe if they had free shipping. My job gives these away for free as gifts. I somehow see these things all the time on the internet. They must have made a crap ton and cant get rid of them. If you compare to iphone headphones they are much much worse than the iphones. No bass or clarity.

My son goes through earbuds like water. They fall apart, no matter what type I buy. So I buy cheap ones and when one goes, he gets another pair. I always buy them when they are on sale like this. In for 3

Amazon Reviews are pretty abysmal :frowning: But if you’re looking for throwaaways theese are probably great. If you can take decent care of them, I’d pass.

No shipping to Hawaii???
They are too big!
Come on…

These are junk, anyone saying that they are even remotely acceptable can’t be trusted. I’ve had two pair, only because my first pair fell apart and JLab sent me a new pair.

There is absolutely no regard given to sound quality or build quality. There is no bass response, absolutely no highs, and even the mids are muffled like you are listening through a pillow. I wouldn’t even say these are worth $1. There are SO many better options all for under $10. I’ve honestly received FREE earbuds from airlines that are better than these.

Got them, since, cheap.

As expected, you get what you pay for. These are pretty terrible sound quality. No clarity, and a bunch of white noise. They are comfy enough though.

They’ll rate above the free airline earbuds, and that’s about it.

That said, at < $5 a pop with shipping, they’ll be great for kids. The extra two I’ve got will be stocking stuffers.

I had no problem with these sound wise but they would not stay in my ears at all.

If you could get them to stay in and you were ordering something else, they would be worth the $2+ dollars, so you wouldn’t have to pay for shipping.

This price alone, without the shipping is about what they’re worth.

Well… Maybe you should find a better vendor then? A vender that doesn’t buy a bulk of 500 earphones from alibaba for $10 and markets them as “Noise cancelling” earphones.

Dude, you can get like a bulk of 10 throwaway earbuds for only $5 on eBay. So if you buy 100 earbuds it’s only gonna cost you $50, which is enough for your kids to do the heck they want with the earbuds. Buying for cheapness on specifically on here is a silly move.

AVOID!! These are not “Noise Reducing” ear buds, they are just ear buds. Next, they didn’t work. As soon as I opened them and plugged them in, they gave off static and feedback. You have to straighten the cord just perfectly for them to function properly. Attempting to get my money back now.

Where do you work?

Sound ok. Not as pictured in amazon. Pic shows colored buds and cords. I received pink end buds but white cords. Bought for grand kids so they could till them apart.