JLab JBuds

Decent earphones…as long as you don’t move, at all. I tried using these at the gym, but they’re impossible to use on the treadmill or if any single part of my body is moving.
Came with 4 different sizes for the squishy part, which was really cool. Tried em all, no luck.

If you need some earphones to use at the desk, these are just ok. Spend a little more for some over the ear headphones.

If you prefer headphones, don’t review earbuds.

It’s CHEAPER to buy at JLABs website:


Selling for: $13.99

Uhm, that’s only half a bud. You get one earpiece, not two.

Ideal for those who need a single (1) earbud with microphone…

shop around folks. amazon has at least a few of these cheaper. they have a silver pair really cheap.


The quoted prices are way out of line and way mroe expensive than even buying on the Jlabs site. Found the J5m on amazon for 16.99 with free shipping for prime members. This isn’t a fantastic deal.

I have to put up something positive here. I feel sorry for these guys getting trashed because somebody found this item for a dollar less somewhere else. I have the J5 with no microphone and they are definitely the best bargain priced earbuds I have ever owned. They really do have an excellent smooth sound, and so far they’ve been durable. Earbuds are consumable items just by their nature and you’re not going to buy a pair to use for life. They all break or quit working eventually. The J5M looks to be the same as mine, only with a microphone. That’s the one I recommend. I think anyone will be very happy with the sound and the quality of the product.

I appreciate this feedback. I have the same problem with earbuds falling out when I workout and I’m looking for more options.

paying more than you have to for something just doesn’t make sense. loyalty is great. be loyal to your partner. or your country. but being loyal to a company should save you money. and more and more on woot it would cost you money.

I bought some J3 JLab buds from woot! a while ago, and enjoy it greatly. They don’t have the microphone, so I can’t comment on that, but the sound quality is nice. Most of my songs sound better in the buds than from the speakers. They have held up pretty well, even through workouts.

I have to say a few things about the JLabs. To begin with, they all have an excellent warranty policy. If you’re the type of person who buys a new pair of earphones every month, then these are the ones for you. When you break them, JLab gives you 50% off a new pair. If they fall apart on their own, they send you a free pair. The Jlabs truly have the best warranty out there.

Now for the sound quality. You get a mixed bag depending on which earphones you choose. Below I’ve attached a list of the earphones I’ve used so far…

J.Fi These earphones are made out of ebony and have a nice, refined look to them. These earphones have a warm sound to them, (I wish I could explain it better) which isn’t for everyone. These earphones have acceptable highs and mids but it’s with the bass where these excel. If you listen to bass heavy songs these earphones are excellent. One last note, these earphones need burn in which increases the audio quality, you can find a utility on Jlab’s site.
J6 These earphones have a cool metal veneer and sound fantastic. Like the J6 they have excellent bass and don’t have that warm sound specific to the J.Fi. I didn’t burn these in as experienced excellent audio quality out of the box. I recommend these over all the other in ear headphones J.Lab makes.
J4 These earphones have a durable look, thanks to the metal and rubber that form these earphones. I found the sound quality noticeably worst as compared to the J6. Spend the extra couple of dollars and get the J6.

All come with a range of earbuds and fancy carrying cases. They are worth every penny.