JLab JBuds

Whats the diff in the J5 and J3, the 3’s have a lot higher list price but are offered lower here. I need a really good set as I hate head sets but my hearing is going down the toilet!

J5’s are newer and supposed to be better. I do prefer the look of the J3’s though.

Thanks, BUT why do you like the 3’s better?

The list price for the J3 is 59.95 at Amazon; for some reason woot keeps listing regular retail at 89.95 every time it’s offered.

I think these were tailor-made for me - I just bought an MP3 player in purple, I love pink too, and my name contains more than one “J.”

I see from the description that the J5’s cable is Kevlar reinforced, so if you’re hard on the cables, that might be the way to go.

I haven’t used the 5’s so I cannot compare the sound quality, etc; I just prefer the look of the 3’s better.

It also looks like the J5s are significantly more sensitive at 92 vs 88 for the J3s (logarithmic…so that actually means you need twice as much power to deliver the same output with J3s)
In for 2 (even though, I like the shorter and more colorful J3s–but my ears too are going out and speaker sensitivity trumps the other features)

The J5s sound pretty good. The J3s sound like $10 earphones. For two more bucks you get a lot better sound with the J5s. They aren’t very durable, so I’d advise buying more than 1 pair.

Will these work with my Samsung tablet and Motorola phone? Newbie/senior here (hear) heh-heh…
HELP, time is of the essence, the game is afoot, Watson.

Can I use these w/samsung tablet and/or motorola cell phone?

Why have I STILL not received these? Why won’t Woot CS respond to my emails? Why would I recommend Woot to anyone else?

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back from your email inquiry.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your inquiry along to Woot Member Services.

Thank you for your continued patience while they attend to the issue.

Received these in a timely manner. I ordered two of these, and one ear has gone out on both of them already.
One arrived with a muffled sound in the right ear, not that ear doesn’t work at all.
The other set of earbuds has a defective left earbud.
Very disappointed.

Ugh, sorry for the problems with them. Remember that they have a 1-year warranty with JLab so be sure to contact them.