JNH Lifestyles 2-3 Person Corner Infrared Sauna

what is the EMF on that one?

Per the vendor: Ultra low EMF at 2-3 mG.

Can this be an outdoor Sauna or does it need to be installed inside? I live an area that gets snow and frequent rain.

I don’t have one BUT looking at videos online it doesn’t seems to. I am thinking to order one BUT concern with the EMF. manufactures lie about it … and i am sure after have it ordered and figure out that the EMF is not safe, not sure how the refund would work. Will be nice if the manufacture would answer us here …

FWIW, I have a similar model:

A) It is not designed for outdoor use.

B) Keep in mind the shipping weight is just under 300 lbs (274lb), hence shipping it back would cost a small fortune via freight.