Jocelyn Lonen Two - Pack

Love me some Cab but after spending so much on other ones I’ll have to hold out for more wine for the buck.

Anyone tasted these?


$35 a bottle from the winery.

It’ll cost you $86 shipped for 2 from the winery. About 42% off…

The last offer was '05 Reserve at $60. These say '06 Reserve at $45, but the bottles shown are labeled '06 Napa Valley without the Reserve designation.

I’d have to think given the price and picture, these are the regular Napa Valley bottling and not the reserve.

Another minor typo in the description:

“…we expect you’ll find these two bottles of 2005 Jocelyn Lonen Napa Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon…”

*2006, no?

wine-searcher says low $30’s for the non-reserve.

I tried the last offering from this winery and thorougly enjoyed it! In again! Darn you, Woot!

There is no 2006 reserve, only 2005.

32.19 in best available price and that’s before tax and shipping.

The 2005 Reserve was offered last fall at $30 a bottle. Haven’t tried it yet, but reports are quite favorable. This appears a nice value and is more ready than the '05 reserve.

No more room for Cabernet Sauvignon, unless there happens to be a Corison Kronos deal.

I want to, but my wine club shipment from Corison literally just showed up in my office. So that’s enough Napa Cab for now. Please don’t let Corison show up here later today.

According to that last offering, the attractive lady in the picture does NOT come with the wine.

I’m tempted, but I think if something is going to ease my grip on my wallet it’s going to have to be over 50% off.

Best value would appear to buy 2 - that makes a price of just under $23.75 per bottle.

Strong contender - will probably go with a last-minute decision.

It’ll cost you $86 shipped for 2 from the winery. About 42% off…

So was it ever determined definitively if this is the 2006 non-reserve or the 2005 reserve? If it’s the reserve, I’m in. Non-reserve, not so much.

THIS IS NOT A RESERVE!! I just checked the web-site and there was NO RESERVE MADE FOR 2006.


I think we have to assume it’s the 2006 non-reserve. Picture is 2006 non-reserve and the listing says 2006 as the vintage…and the winery’s website does not show a 2006 reserve. There are no CT reviews for the 2006, but the 2004, 2005, and 2007, are about a CT 89/90 rating.

There probably was one made in '06, but it is not released yet. Definitely agree with the conclusion these are the regular 2006 Napa bottlings.

At any rate, at least this is not a ‘leftover’ from previous Woots. Maybe some interesting offers will pop up later today.

hmm, refurb GPS or wine…I think I will go for the wine, a few comments seem to think this is a good deal and I am always ready to try a place I have not had before that make Cabs…in for 2