Joe Chocolates Mother's Day Sampler (8)

Joe Chocolates ‘Coffee + Chocolate’ 8-Pack Mother’s Day Sampler
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$39.99 $57.98 31% off List Price
(2) - Joe Chocolates Holy Cacao, 2.5oz Pouch
(2) - Joe Chocolates Salted Caramel, 2.5oz Pouch
(2) - Joe Chocolates Honey Almond, 2.5oz Pouch
(2) - Joe Chocolates Midnight Coconut, 2.5oz Pouch

A snack or at best an appetizer… Lightweight

$17.95 on Amazon for a three pack so about $6 per bag compared to about $5 per bag here equals about 17% savings NOT a 31% real world discount.

Gee, a pound and a quarter for only $39.99 +$5.00 shipping + Tax for some!


FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME, there is NO shipping cost. I get why people are complaining, but can y’all at least get your facts straight?

How often has the retail price NOT been found cheaper elsewhere? Woot’s listed what the seller wants as the list price for years. Yeah, the naïve/first-timers might not know that, but it’s not like this is a surprise for most of us.

I dunno, 1-1/4# chocolate will put on more than a little weight on moi.

and if we’re going to get picky here, can’t get two of each flavor. The closest one can come is buy 3 of the Holy Cacao and 2 of the other 3.
12.7 ounces of Trader Joe Passport Chocolates (60-73% dark chocolate from 8 countries, no special added ingredients, it looks like) for $24.98 from the mothership.
But the listing does not say what % for these dark chocolate bars.

My post added useful information to consumers. Your post ( or boast) not so much. Kudos for being spokesperson “for most of us”.

Let’s play nice. :happy:

My bad/I’m sorry. I let my frustrations with the posts on gourmet build up into anger that I let out. You meant well in posting the difference in the list price, but I’ve seen over the years bring it up over and over. It’s not a boast at all, I’m just frustrated. I don’t have a problem with disagreements over things here in general, especially gourmet, but the tone and barrage has been a bit much for me. I expect some negative comments, but I’m sincerely looking for at least some substance to figure out if I’m going to buy something, and this year on this section seems over the top. It’s not like people don’t spend extra for a nice dinner occasionally, and I have put small hints in posts during the year to try to level things out (like the shipping complaint). I just lost it. Sorry, TT.