Johan Vineyards Reserve Pinot Noir (2)

Personally, I’m hoping rjquillen or tytiger58 will share a bottle with me. They’re both close by - and I most certainly do want to try your wine, and given your participation and forthrightness here today I also want to support you and your efforts.

This is the very first time I’ve ever heard anything remotely resembling a scientific hypothesis regarding biodynamics. Bravo, sir.

Dan, you are earning your keep today my friend. Thanks for the full fledged engagement. Bravo.

In my experience pH has more to do with texture and freshness of fruit flavors. Higher pH wines come across as more viscous, rounder, and low pH wines leaner and more linear with less peripheral weight. For me TA affects taste by simply making the wine more acidic, refreshing, activating my acid sensory on the back and sides of my tongue which seems to enhance length of flavor in wine. This is how it works for my palate. It is different for everyone I imagine.


Your welcome this is fun. You guys are cool!


Welcome Dan!
Nice to see such great participation!!!.. unfortunately, Pinot is not one of my favorite wines.

tytiger has already extended the invite, and pending a visa, may even come down. Wonder if we can find cmaldoon as well?


I’ve got to +1 kelzman’s comment on the bio-d, and the pH/TA exchange was enlightening as well. Absolutely appreciate your involvement today.

+1. Not that I have room for this, either in the cellar or the wallet, with 2 weeks in Europe left, plus the trip to California next month, but this kind of participation can’t go unrewarded. Pinot is not particularly our favorite, but I can’t resist taking a chance. A few years from now, when this is ready, we’ll be toasting a graduation from Clemson for someone’s daughter. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the support everyone.



As Ron mentioned the invite is always open…I like to drink my wine!

you caught the curve balls we threw you and played them well :slight_smile:

Now - I only noticed that it is the July “Woot Off” just now - what does that say about me?

… and just in case somebody did not notice the update to my tasting notes - the wine developed more tart/perceived acidity several hours after opening/in the glass.

Good discussion today. I’m sad I missed it and didn’t get to jump in. Stupid work filters keeping me off wine.woot and sinus infection making me feel like crap so I fall asleep before the offers role nightly.

Where’s Kyle? Did they put him on probation in advance of the bioD offer? :wink:

Must be either that or he forgot to pay the bill for his ISP.

…sorry guys, late today. Just getting in front of a computer.

Lets start from the beginning. What’s the story with the pH?

Well the ph has been low in my pool for a while now I couldn’t figure it out. Turns out the chlorine tabs I used had a low ph base so they were constantly lowering it. I add soda ash the tabs lower the ph. And then I bought different chlorine and magically problem solved. That’s what you wanted to know … Right?