John Boos 18" Solid End Grain Walnut Chopping Block

Is it Mac compatible?

That’s pretty expensive for something that you cut stuff on.

Business plan: take a piece of wood, or a few little ones glued together, worth a dollar or few, and cunningly give it a trendy Swedish kind of name thus rendering it priceless. Charge merely $100 or so for the privilege.


So this is only suited for chopping walnuts, huh?

Server going wacky, or was there only one radar detector?

There’s an app for that.

Alton Brown actually stated that using press board cutting boards are ideal (due to bacteria not being able to be cleaned out of the cuts in the wood). Even though Wood is a naturally cleansing material; studies show dangerous bacteria still living in supposedly cleaned used cutting boards.

besides, particle board is cheap; when the cuts are too deep over time, just get a new one

Yes it is. It’s strong enough to survive while you bash your Mac with a Knife and a Sledge Hammer…

3 total.

Don’t u wish u had thought of it?

A bit pricy for a chess board

Warranty: 1 Year Boos

I was sold until this. I don’t need anyone chastising me for a year.

Holy cow!!! $120 for a chopping block?!! Are they nuts?!
And walnut? (Say goodbye to your knife blades)
Hey Woot… Anyone tell you we’re in tough times?
Got a great idea. Why don’t you gather all these and go drop them in the Bag o’ Crap boxes so we can move on!

Didn’t really catch my eye until I read that it was 26 lbs. That’s really what sold me on it, my cutting board is always sliding around willy nilly because I cut my food with a chainsaw.

26 lbs means it won’t slip while you are cutting vegetables like this pro! dude really?

No. He said nice things about composite boards, not pressed board, but prefers the feel and speed of end-grain cutting surfaces like this one. He also doesn’t like the feel of bamboo.

His only recommendations were to avoid glass like the plague and to use a separate board for raw meat.

When I use a seperate broad for teh meat the first one gets Really Mad.

At first I thought: pretty snarky and sneaky, the way you got us to watch your chef videos–but, they were actually quite fascinating and informational. I had no idea how one would accomplish some of those tricks. Like the parchment paper trick with black and white stripes.

totally thought this was a dark roomba…