John Weitz 30 Pair Men's Dress Socks

What size are these? Will my size 13 feet and I have an issue wearing them?

0% cotton? No thanks.

HI It Will fit a size 13


Do these socks fully cover the calf or below the calf?

Curious about the height as well.

Hi All,

The socks do not cover The calf,

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Six different pictures and six different names of the sets to choose from - but which picture goes with which option? It’s not so obvious and they don’t appear to be in the same consecutive order.

How can I order 3 different patterns?

Are these same quality as the Weitz brand (John Weitz Men’s Platinum Collection) that is sold in Walmart?

HI Yes They are even better quality than the platinum. These 30 Pack are our best sellers

I bought this deal before and had to throw out 5 pairs because of bad knitting/threads/quality before I even washed them and they the patterns I wanted the most :frowning:

I’m on a mobile…click on the image to enlarge it and you’ll see the product name.

How much of a toe seam do these have?

My favorite socks are seamless. Others have such an irritating seam that I can only tolerate them inside out.

Just got mine - I’m a size 12 and had significant trouble putting on the pair I’m wearing. They feel fine once on, but getting the foot through the leg part of the socks was challenging.

I actually like these. At least the Heathered Striped ones go all the way up the calf, easy to put on/take off. comfy.

Some of the designs are stitched in a way that does not allow stretching. Not all of them fit my size 13 foot.