John Weitz Dress Socks 30-Pairs

Low quality, regretted purchasing. Save your money.

Are they thin? Happy Socks from Costco did the same thing - half the price and 1/3rd the quality.

Nailed it. These aren’t worth the money.

Very thin. Already ripped a couple from the last time these were on here. Can’t even get another few onto my foot. They’re just crap.

Socks not worth ~75 cents/pair.

That’s saying something!


Generic Sock Request:

Can we please get some adult sized socks. No one has worn a size 6 since elementary school :slight_smile:

Socks say size 6-12.5. I’m a size 9.5-10.5 depending on the shoe. These are extremely hard to get on my feet. Disappointed with this purchase. I feel like this was misadvertised in terms of sizing. I can see rips happening in my future too. I’d return these if possible.