John Weitz Men's 30-Pack Dress Socks

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John Weitz Men’s 30-Pack Dress Socks
Price: $24.99
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Is there a way to tell which photo corresponds to “Style 1”, “Style 2”, etc.? I see 8 styles listed, and only 7 photos, so I didn’t want to assume the first photo is Style 1, second is Style 2, and so on.

I’m on mobile, if that makes any difference.


Can anyone comment on the quality of these socks? Are they the kind with tons of loose strands on the inside? Are they stretchy? Do they pill after the first wash?

Bought the last time they showed up. I’m split on what I think about them. Comments in order of realization:
They look good. They’re way too thin. I’m a skinny guy and they feel panty hose thin stretched over my feet and legs. The ones with diagonal or horizontal patterns with continuous bands create tight seams that are almost impossible to pass by my heels. If you have low arches you might have less trouble with that than I do but it has been a strangely claustrophobia-inducing experience on occasion trying to get them on or off. Zero loose threads. They’re surprisingly warm for how thin they are, and somehow offer decent friction/abrasion protection from shoes given their thin-ness. I haven’t had them long enough to assess wear potential but with several washes they’re ok so far. So ultimately the jury’s still out on these, but the weirdly thin material and tight seams would likely help explain the low price.

I have a set of these from the previous deal. Here’s my opinion so far after 2 weeks with them (I can’t believe I’m commenting on socks). I haven’t worn all of them yet so this will be an incomplete accounting.

Just like the prior post the heavily patterned socks are too tight to get over my calves. There’s no stretch from the “bands”. I estimate about 4 pairs of socks will be unusable to me because of this.

Of the ones that fit around my calves, the overall length of the socks are inconsistent. They look the same in their unworn state, but once I put them on one side is 3-4 inches taller than the other. The shorter side does the slow slide down my calf that drives me nuts while the longer side gets passed the thick part of my calf and holds in position all day.

To sum up so far the quality has been spotty but I’m otherwise just satisfied enough not to be upset at the purchase. It’s a ton of socks in a lot of nice patterns so I was looking forward to moving beyond the straight black and brown dress sock days.

The photos correspond to Style 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and… 8! There is NO Style 7.

There are captions. Tap into the offer and swipe through the individual photos.

. if you click on the sock pic it will open up a new window with a larger view if onnthe page it will show the item number

I just bought a six-pack of these socks yesterday (Sunday) at a Grocery Outlet for $4.99. They were definitely these John Weitz men’s socks, and they were specially packaged for sale at Grocery Outlet, which makes me think that they carry them fairly regularly, since nothing else in the store has native Grocery Outlet information printed onto the label,

If you’re interested in these socks AND there’s a Grocery Outlet near you, you can probably find them there and save the shipping.

They are utter shit. Avoid these socks. They are way too thin. There is a special place in hell for the person who developed the packaging. I dont need 4 plastic ties to hold together 5 pairs of socks. The plastic gets embedded in the sock when taking them apart so you are guaranteed to ruin a few pair when unpackaging. Seriously, these are worst socks ever. They actually pushed me to buy really expensive socks.

I was wondering about this. I couldn’t remember for sure if it was the same brand. I got two packs of them at Grocery Outlet. I quite like them! If these are as good as the Grocery Outlet ones, I’d say go for it. They are not particularly thin, to me at least, and they all fit well (and I have size 13 feet.) No harm in test driving them at Gross Out first though, if you can!