John Weitz Men's Dress Socks 30-Pairs

Bought these for Christmas gifting. They are awful. One sock was sewn together, no stretch to fit your foot, scratchy fabric. These are misfits. So embarrassing!

I agree with the other comment. Most of the socks are too small to wear. The “elastic” at the top of the sock is rigid and won’t stretch to go around your foot. My other problem is that 90% of the socks were black, no variety. The pictures do not match the product sold. Don’t buy this product.

Horrible! Bought these for my boyfriend and most don’t even fit. I tried some for myself and they were way too tight with no kind of stretch. Defects for sure!

I bought these on previous sale. Didn’t get the pattern set I ordered, but WOOT made it right. Previous reviews were similarly poor, describing the socks as thin and wearing out fast. I agree the material is very THIN, but these are perfect for my south Texas usage. Thin is cool. Only one sock of 60 has developed a small “run” (not yet bad enough to trash), but I am more than satisfied. I disagree about the sizing, since I have size 12 (male) feet. No, they won’t stretch to the top of your calf, but they stretch enough to cover my foot.
Nice to add some flair to my previously boring sock collection.

HI These are a polyester blend,

If you want something higher quality we will be listing the premium cottons soon


they do NOT fit a size 11 foot nevermind a 12.5… absolute junk

I also bought these the last time around. I read the comments that they were too small, but since my household is an adult woman (size 8 shoe), a 12 year old boy, and a 9 year old girl, I thought they might work.

Houndstooth patterned socks do not stretch enough for even the 9 year old to wear. Solids and stripes are ok for all of us. Other patterns are a tight fit for everyone but the 9 year old.

Agree with all of the comments above. My husband wears a size 10 narrow shoe and could not get these socks beyond the middle of his foot. Impossible to wear and a complete waste of money! Just submitted a complaint and hoping Woot makes it right.

I guess I got lucky. Despite the other reviews, I ordered “Style 6” (the crisscross pattern) and was pleasantly surprised with the quality. These are very nice dress socks. I wear size 11-13 socks / size 12 shoe (USA) and these socks fit just fine. They are thin, and not as elastic as I like, so they don’t exactly slide on effortlessly, but the weave is high quality, very classy, and comfortable. I have no doubt they will last a while in proper dress shoes. Plus… 30 pairs for $24? One heck of a steal. My only complaint is the plastic bits that hold the socks together were a pain and left a mess. Also, these provide no warmth at all. Personally, I like how breathable they are, but that’s what I expect from my dress socks.

Not a very good sock. Fits fine, but is a thin scratchy material with a really prominent and annoying toe seam.

Horrible. Wish I had read the comments. These don’t even fit… will be returning them.

Poor quality. Some the elastic is so tight you can’t even put them on. Some I couldn’t even get my hand in. Woot quality is going down hill. Now they sell a lot of junk. Be prepared to throw away some of these without even wearing them once.