Johnson Level & Tool Rotary Laser Level Kit

**Item: **Johnson Level +%26 Tool Rotary Laser Level Kit
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Let’s check out the product page

Time to read up on the warranty


Anyone know what the max height adjustability using the tripod is? Couldn’t find that in the specs. Also, how does the accuracy compare to more conventional bubble levels, and other similar laser levels? Too tired and lazy to research this right now…


Note that you first need to level this with a built in bubble level. A regular Bubble level Will be more accurate and a lot faster when you can use it.

However these kinds of levels work great for determining levels across a large space. would come in handy for some construction projects around the house where you would normally have to use String lines.

anyone know why the wootoff for tools and garden only lasted 1 day?

Because the make the rules… :o)

I’m assuming it’s because it’s a newer category, therefore they have less product to sell.

It looks like the same level is available (new) through Harbor Freight for $15 more.

Well, the DeWalt DW074KD rotary laser is accurate to plus or minus 1/4 inch per 100 feet, so at over three times the distance it still has greater accuracy. The DeWalt is also self-leveling which is a nice feature - so if for some reason the unit is bumped it will go right back to being level rather than projecting an incorrect (off-level) line.

However, the DeWalt also costs around $350, so clearly it isn’t even in the same ballpark as the Johnson. I’m sure this unit would be fine for the average homeowner or small-time handyman who just needs a line to hang chair rail, cabinets, or multiple pictures on the wall. However for someone installing a paver patio or a drop ceiling in a large room, I’d shy away from it as the accuracy will be a problem and you’ll regret it in the end.

The tripod alone is worth a few bucks, judging by what I can see of it.

Anyone know what the lowest height that it can project a beam is? I see in the specs that it’s 10.24" tall…does that mean if I set it on the floor, the lowest height that I can set the beam is about 10.24"? Thanks.

I little less than the hieght of device maybe 10 or 9 3/4

Did anyone else receive theirs yet? Mine came with only the level and a tripod in the case – no glasses, manual, or batteries.

Also, I put some brand new Duracell’s in it and it spins much slower than expected.

Am I just unlucky or was this widespread?

No, you’re not unlucky; I did not receive the glasses or batteries either. And the “manual” I received was a 4-inch x 4-ich black-n-white photo copy of how to calibrate the level.

I called Johnson Level and they said “refurbished units are only guaranteed to come with the level and not the accessories”. She also said they do not sell the glasses directly, you must purchase them from Grainger (part#: 1YRV4 @ $13.11):

Initially, mine would not rotate or turn on. I fiddled with the battery cover and it now turns on, but the rotational speed will vary depended on how snug I screw the battery cover back on. I suspect something is not making contact correctly.

At the end of the day, the level “works”, but just barely. :frowning:

Bought it and was excited to use it. My first project that i needed it on wasn’t for several months after I got it. Opened it, put in the batteries and nothing. Didn’t/Doesn’t work. Called Johnson about it and its not economically viable to repair and woot won’t do anything about it. FML.