Johnson Level Quad Line Laser

Looks like one of the minions from Despicable Me in bondage gear…


All the information you will ever need straight from

“Is anybody there?”
“Oh, there you are!”
“I don’t hate you.”

Should I get one for my cat?

Thanks vidio was useful, $570 on amazon and Home depot.

I saw it for $299 at Home Depot!

[MOD: Oh no you di’int! See this post below.]

“Are you still there?”


This must be one of Cave Johnson’s early prototypes.

I think you are looking at this:

NOT the same as our R2-D2/Portal Turrent baby:

Is this waterproof? I’d like to mount it to a friggin’ shark.

Or at least mutated sea bass:


Home Depot Deal at $259.99… makes me wonder?

[MOD: Not the same thing. See post below.]

Yeah, at $259, Home Depot’s Deal of the Day is something VERY similar, but I don’t think it’s the exact same thing:

This one retails at $570 @ Home Depot:

The Woot level has a rechargeable battery and 6 lasers as opposed to the home depot deal which only uses AA’s and has 2 lasers.

I’m no expert, but that product isn’t even close to woot’s at all. The HD sale model seems to be just an X-Y laser with an included $90 receiver. In terms of layout options and lines generated, the woot one is superior if you need or are looking for added reference lines.

Guys, I’m fine listing prices from other places but please look at the features and keep the comparisons Apples to Apples. The Home Depot Levelers don’t have the features that this one does.

I was wondering when the tool jokes would start in the write-ups on tools.woot. Of course, they snuck one in for a product from a company called Johnson.

I totally expected to see comments from wooters. I haz disappoint.

So wish I could afford this one.