Join the Security Team!

She looks bored. Do they let men join?

The plural form of Borg is Borg, Woot, not Borgs

Somehow reminds me a bit of this t-shirt posted on deals.woot the other day.

(Well, the one on the right at least.)

They don’t have women in the engineering department, do they?

I assume it’s a play on the whole “people on Star Trek in red shirts die early and often” theme.

I feel like there should be a lot more red on this shirt.

How well timed! I just finished watching the whole original series last night.

Stay away from the guys in the red shirts!

We can reliably improve the survivability of the red-shirted crewmen by only exploring peaceful, female-only planets (android and alien females included).

Way too busy with words, corny illustration, and yet another neutral-colored blank (instead of red?!) Pass.

I’m a huge Star Trek fan (love TNG!) but I’m just not feeling this one.

Instead, I shall wear my Bake It So shirt tomorrow!

I wish that this was printed on red, but if it was, would it make it too dangerous to wear.

Man I’m sleepy, here is a meh post from me. Enjoy, gonna try and help out other posts real quick and goto sleep

Agreed. I’m always up for Star Trek references, but I think I’ll wear A Warrior’s Drink instead! (I wore Bake It So a couple of days ago) :slight_smile:

This shirt is good (I bought one) but it would have been GREAT if it had been red.

As a Security Manager, FML.

You “assume?” You should be keel-hauled all the way to the next starbase!

HAH! Red shirts. That’s like the only Star Trek joke I can reliably get. I’m a bad fan. ducks head in shame

This would make an awesome poster, debating getting the shirt. It is tempting to me, even as a faux-Trekkie.

If it was art on the side of the Enterprise, I could see it. As a grey shirt? Meh!

On a sorta related topic, John Scalzi’s book Redshirts is a very good sci-fi comedy about, well, redshirts. The audiobook is narrated by Wil Wheaton, who did a wonderful job with the book.