Join the Security Team!

i’m kind of disappointed that it’s a red dress and not a red shirt. i know sex sells, but it’s the red shirt rule, not red dress.

close, but no. too many words.

Should’ve been red. Pass. Too bad.

Time to first Wooter being barred from flying by TSA?

2 weeks

Ironically, the first (by air date) extra shown to be killed was wearing blue.

The poor security guards, however, had a tendency die in groups.

So much negativity! I, for one, think this shirt is great. I also disagree that it should be red. It’s meant to be a Starfleet Security recruitment poster on a t-shirt, not a joke about how the wearer of the shirt is going to die. It’s refreshing to see a t-shirt bearing a redshirt gag without feeling the need to be red itself.

Bottom line: if you want a Starfleet Security t-shirt and you insist it be red, go buy instead, and leave this perfectly nice t-shirt alone.

Almost but then I saw the Trek😝

Thank you for posting this! There seem to be a lot of people who aren’t getting the concept of Karen’s shirt.

I think it’s funny that she’s depicted a “pin-up girl poster” for something like Star Trek, so far from that time period.

The shirt could be red, but then she wouldn’t “pop” as much. Black is out, because of the details.

The shirt could be white, then there’d be trouble!

I agree completely, no one seems to be getting that, as you can see in my post that pretty much says the same things.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was thinking this.

Would be better if the art work was on the back of the shirt.

I’d also like to point out that this shirt, in addition to not being red (which I think we can all agree is a misfire), lacks a certain attention to detail as well. Notice that the pinup girl is wearing a uniform from TOS. Further notice that the ship in the background is a Constitution-class refit from the movies where no “red shirts” were to be found. I’m hoping I’m not the only one who noticed this.

Ironically it was the effectiveness of this sexy campaign and the carnage in the away missions that followed it that led to the color of security shirts being changed in 2359.

The only way to get more recruits at that point was to give them captain’s gold uniforms. True story.

Jonathan Coulton also wrote a song in support of the book of the same name. Check it out.


Ha. You supply YOUR OWN RED.


Nice to see some work of the very talented Karen Hallion on Woot!

I think someayoos is missing the point: it’s a cross between star trek AND a pin-up girl poster, it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate to the series. The dress, for instance - MUCH better than the red shirt. (Unless you’re all being sarcastic and I’m just too slow - in which case, touché.)

I think it’s cute. Too bad I’m a star wars fan…

That was my first thought too! I thought the shirt said “Join the Serenity Team”…

I think people who don’t get the concept will misguidedly complain that this should be red. You’re entitled to your opinion but it’s a recruitment poster, not a worn out joke that has to smash you in the face with the punchline. There’s a perfectly good shirt at thinkgeek that someone already linked to if you’d like to go that route.

For all the ongoing complaints by entitled wooters crying that we need new ideas and they’re tired of seeing the same overused jokes over and over, it’s disappointing that so many people want this shirt to be less clever and understated than it is.

Congrats to the artist!

Since all “individuals” are assimilated, there really is no plural of Borg anyway. There can be only one…

(Oops…that’s Highlander…sorry)

Oddly enough, after posing for this poster the model died in a freak volleyball accident. Go figure.

Well, it is NOT the same artist.

I was really trying not to mix up Karen Hallion and Bamboota. And failed.