Jonah Outdoor Heated Gloves

not much info on these gloves…saw them used on eBay for $20, that will make you think…

Did anyone buy a pair of these when Woot had them last February? Any feedback on quality/usage? Going to take a chance on them and see how they hold up.

I live in Omaha and bought these last year. They don’t work well. Gloves are thin, don’t block wind. Any temp below 30 degrees F will require a liner glove. Batteries have to be removed to charge or to turn on/change setting. I gave up and bought a box of hand warmers to insert into ski gloves.

Nuts. So much for finding a new pair of cold-weather motorcycle gloves.

I bought these last time. For the price they are okay…
The batteries are pretty bulky in the gloves and you do have to open the battery zipper to turn them on/off or charge.
They do add some warmth but on really cold days, it’s still not enough. If you’re winter weather is typically 20+F, then these might be fine but if it’s colder or really windy, then you may not be happy.
They work ok for the time being till I can find some that don’t cost a fortune and work better.

Uh, these have no armor of any kind and are clearly inappropriate for motorcycle use, regardless of their heating ability or lack thereof.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of appropriate cold-weather motorcycle gloves/gauntlets, both electrically heated and passively insulated. Try these: