Joola Table Tennis

I didn’t even know what a topspin was until today. Who’d like to share their thoughts on it and the other items up for grabs?

I don’t have room for a ping pong table - even a tabletop one, so I must live enviously on these. :slight_smile: I did however consider getting some ping pong balls for the cat yesterday.

Assuming these are the same balls as last time, they are 1 star balls, which is the cheapest quality and dent easily.

I ordered two boxes, and they had a screw up which had them offer me a lesser quantity of 2 star balls instead of a refund.

If you hit hard, I highly recommend at least 2, if not 3 star balls.

The paddles are light and nice for a beginner. I don’t mind using them even though I have more expensive paddles available to me.

Though not offered here hint hint, if you’re going to get the iPong, you should definitely get net to catch all the balls. on the far end. I’m lucky enough to have a slightly graded area (by chance) that collects all the balls in one corner of the room. Now only to find out a way to have those balls make themselves back to the hopper…

I passed your hint hint along to the buyer. Thanks!

is the table good
about the maybe scratches/marks???
is it worth it
how do i return if there are issues

intermediate/very good player
carbon core…
dual gambler shadow rubber

Hell yeah that’s a good table. You can most likely tap dance on it and it will be nice and stable. It is a used table, so there may be some marks on it, but, uh, your not planning on putting it in a glass display case for your table tennis museum, are you? Scratches and marks are bound to happen, eventually, anyway, and they don’t affect the play in the slightest.

Here’s a nice comparison chart for the 3 robot models!

A used table and a whole 14% off? The deal is just too good to take!?!

This is how I practice ping pong!


Beer pong is THE game!

Long time “table tennis” player. I wouldn’t say a one star ball dents more easily. The main difference is that a 3 star ball is more balanced and bounces correctly. The seam on a one star ball is usually pretty ugly which makes its bounce unpredictable. One star is also softer, but I don’t think that makes it dent prone. If you’re using a real paddle, the rubber is softer than the ball, so it won’t dent unless you step on it. Then it wouldn’t matter how many stars your balls have. That sounded awkward.

Ok- this is probably the first Woot I can chime in as an “expert”.

My father was an Olympic TT coach for the USSR (2 gold medalists) and trained the shit out of me in his training camps till I hated my life and the game. We came over in 91’ and the rest is history, but regardless.

I yo-yo’d on the table recommendation, but I think that in the end, with the shipping being $5, this is worth it for someone who plays for more than recreational reasons or for a school, church, or TT clubs like the ones my father ran here in Buffalo.

What makes me hesitant is that I have never seen this brand of table in the clubs here or in Canada. Typically, STIGA is what you’ll find and play on during most competitions- but the table in the picture looks like a STIGA clone almost.

The fact that it’s certified Olympic grade is what tips the scale in it’s favor. If it meets those requirements then it should be decent- used or not.

It will not however, be light- just fyi.

And as for the balls being sold here- while 1 star balls are ok to practice with, you won’t get consistent serves even from a machine, unless you upgrade to 2-3 star. Being from Buffalo, I consider the 1-star a Beer Pong ball.

ALSO: Please PLEASE be careful if you have dogs, they love the bright colored balls and will chew through them and eat them- with really bad consequences, considering the sharp edges the balls develop when ripped.

4 flat paddles with some beginner balls for $25 is actually a pretty good deal-- it is sad how often it has to be pointed out that a racket with goosebumps instead of a smooth surface is not a real game-play racket-- at this price you can both point it out to your brother-in-law and let him borrow a “real” racket without worrying about your Precious. Especially since this is likely to occur in correlation with the aforementioned Beer Pong and subsequent tourney.

(On a side-note, my father passed in 2007 and the clubs he ran ended, and selling the STIGA Olympic grade tables was a major pain and I managed to only sell 2 of 12 to his former students for absurdly low prices-- maybe a better market than Buffalo could have helped, but just so you know- these are HARD to resell when the majority of the market is recreational and not competition.)

ping pong balls make great smoke bombs… look it up.

This isn’t cool. I just bought the iPong pro yesterday and the set of balls that I wanted was supposedly all sold out. Now they’re back today and I have to pay an extra 5 bucks for shipping since they were purchased on separate days :frowning:

Please don’t get the 1-star balls, even if you’re just recreational! If you ever decide you want to start playing more seriously, you will have gotten used to how light these balls are. I’d recommend everything else to a beginner, besides maybe the table. You don’t need to have this in your basement just to play with some friends, unless you really want to play seriously in your basement. Good luck!

P.S. What paddle you use will make a big difference in your game. I’d recommend that if you play even once a week on a consistent basis, that you look for more of a custom paddle that fits your playing style. Again, good luck!

To make it even more awkward - using the cheaper paddles, I’ve dented my balls mid air. Maybe they were even worse one star than regular one star balls, maybe I’ve got hulk arms without even knowing it. All I know is to avoid one star balls.

I play pencil style… /awkward