Jorg Gray Watches

Um, didn’t you just debut an “Accessories & Watches” subsite this morning?

Be careful, Woot, lest you become the Internet equivalent of Shop NBC, i.e., “The Invicta Channel”…

Seems pretty obvious that these should be on the new “Accessories and Watches” page.

Bought the Black/Yellow chrono during an earlier sale. Nice watch, but for some reason it only looks good when I’m wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Might just be me …

Anyone know if the JG5200 has a backlight? I’d like to be able to see these in the dark. It says “Black and luminous hands with white and gunmetal indices,” but that isn’t clear enough for me.

Woot Staff,
Why do you put those objects in your ad snippet image that are not even on sale/deal under the detail section?
For instance, the three watches that are displayed on the ad cover of Jorg Gray watches, are not even part of this deal.


What the heck are you talkin’ about? They’re all there.

From left to right




Look at the sizes before you buy these. The JG1950 is 45mm X 13mm. That’s a big watch, and in steel it will be heavy too. Not for someone with small wrists. Guys with smaller wrists would do better with the JG2700.

Bummin - bought the watch… wore it for 3 days - green paint already chipping away - you pay for what you get I guess - BTW Amazon has RUINED woot!

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your purchase. If you write into Woot Member Services at I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help you find a resolve.

the battery is dead already