Jorgensen 4-1/2" Micro Bar Clamp, 20 Pieces

The description says 20 pieces. Does this mean 20 clamps?


Yes, 20 clamps included.

I was shipped one instead of the twenty and when I emailed to Inquire they stated no more where available from the manufacture and refunded my order. I don’t understand how this happens on a site like Woot and I am further purplexed that they actually shipped one clamp when the description clearly states a box of twenty.

BEWARE! I received my clamp(1) Sat 16th and notified WOOT that I was missing the other 19 clamps. WOOT’s response was take it up with the USPS even though the single clamp was sent in a small unmolested shipping envelope that couldn’t possibly have fit 3 more clamps let alone 19 more…I’m having problems with WOOT’s customer service more and more lately. Anyone else get all 20 as advertised?

I’m really sorry for the trouble and the CS response you received. I’ll check in with them for you to see what’s up.

It would seem that I have the exact same issue where I ordered TWO (2) sets of TWENTY (20), which should be a total of FORTY (40) clamps, but I only received TWO (2) clamps. I agree with the other post that this is annoying. Whether I’m told that it’s a USPS issue, which seems incredibly bogus to me since they CLEARLY shipped together in the same package, or that they don’t have them, I want my 38 missing clamps!!!

CS is working on figuring out what’s going on. You shouldn’t be told it’s the post office’s fault, that’s not true.

Same here. Got 1 clamp and missing 19. The little piece of paper inside of the package says E-z Hold Hobby Craft Bar/Clamp, 4" … I guess the part where it should say Box of 20 is cut off…

Just putting my $.02 in as well that I received only 1 clamp. I have already sent an email to CS.