Jose Gourmet Canned Goods Variety, 6 Pack

Jose Gourmet Canned Goods Variety, 6 Pack

Canned “goods”? More like canned gross! That is a completely unbiased opinion, not at all based on the fact that I hate fish.

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any nutritional info?

For those not wanting to do the math, its 26 bucks a pound. On the mothership you can get multiple brands of wild caught sardines in extra virgin olive oil for a third of the price. 12 similar sized cans for around 30 bucks.

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Holy fish in a can, Batman! These sardines, mackerel, and tuna must be gold plated. One can buy sardines all day long for about 65-70¢/oz. If I did the math right, 125 grams is 4.4 oz, which at $6.67 per can works out to $1.52/oz. All of them except for one are packed in olive oil. Must be some kind of special oil, 'cause the fish just ain’t worth that much.

I eat smoked salmon, pickled herring, sardines, mackerel, and tuna regularly. I occasionally buy premium sardines like King Oscar brand for around 70¢/oz, but I am just as happy with Beach Cliff at around 24-30¢/oz.

Is there some mistake in the quantity offered and/or the price? Double the quantity or halve the price and you would be in the ball park for an affordable and competitive price. Your ad copy doesn’t justify this pricing. What is so special about this offer?

I think I’ll pass on this one.

Go fish.

I love this brand of canned fish. I don’t like regular sardines, but these are fantastic. I first bought them at a specialty Italian store (DeLaurenti) at Pike Place Market in Seattle (small sardines are 10.99 on their website) and buy them whenever I can find them at stores here in Maryland. I’m definitely purchasing these. I think this is a great price for this brand.

Respectfully disagree. Purchased (locally) the smoked in olive oil variety, ate one can and now don’t know what to do with the remaining cans. Normally I am first to the table for smoked sardines in oil, but these felt kind of… not to my taste. I like my fish cleaned well and firm, which means fish sans the whole digestive system. I just can’t deal with that kind of “condiment”. And yes, the price was high, but not nearly as high as this. The mackerel is good, though.

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My wife loves canned sardines, and she’d definitely enjoy the mackerel, but not at this crazy price. Maybe this being gourmet might, somehow, justify the price, but not at this crazy time. Good luck with this,…

This whole deal smells fishy to me.


I like the taste of sardines but it’s so hard to eat around the little bones. The same reason I don’t like shrimp, their shells get caught in my teeth.

ew - I think i’d rather eat the box

Not a canned fish fan, but the razor clams are out of control good. We got these in a small shop in Lisbon; worth every penny.

Most people/restaurants peel shrimp before they are served and eaten.