Joseph Joseph 4pc Baking Set

Love the description for the timer. Dude, its just a timer!

If it were $15, I’d buy a set. The $20 price is just a little too high.

Also, I really dislike the pink color. The pink makes it look like something from a little girl’s playset.

Well, I do need a rolling pin. And my pastry brush has seen better days.

In for one.

What does a girl have to do for a spoonrest?

Meet me at wine.woot. Bring Dirt Seasoning, a Leak frog and your imagination…

I bought this set a few weeks ago. I’m not crazy about the color–I’m not into pink at all–but I’m very pleased with what I’ve used so far, the rolling pin and the brush. The rolling pin is especially nice. It smacks dough around and the size adjustors are easy to use.

I have this rolling pin with grey disks and green ends. I got it from for $20. The other stuff isn’t enough of an incentive for me to buy another for my daughter.

Tempting, but it’s simply too much for me to justify. However, the rolling pin does seem pretty cool after checking it out on other sights.

I was hoping to snag this for $15 instead of $20, but after making and decorating about 4 dozen cookies for a baby shower, I really could have used the rolling pin with guides. It would have made life so much easier and my cookies would have been even more professional looking. Plus, I have the salad bowl, cutting boards and nesting bowl, colander etc set, so I may as well get these, too. I do like their design. Particularly that salad bowl; is ROCKS!

Which is ironic, considering how pink your randomly created icon is.