Joseph Joseph 6pc Nesting Set



Or you could get the same thing for 2 bucks at Walmart or Kmart or something. Though it wouldn’t have those pretty colors, I suppose.


The real question is: Will it melt when someone else put it in the dishwasher on the wrong rack like those $2 Walmart cups?


Looks like something you could get at Big Lots


Yeah but this one nests. I kinda like that.


Tempted to buy them just to find out.


Are these worth the price? Please advise, I am considering buying these.


What can you mix in those bowls? I think my cereal bowls are larger.


Well, I’ve played with this in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art shop, where I’ve seen it sold for the full asking price. It’s nice melamine plastic (like those old 1950s telephones) and ought to stand up pretty well in the kitchen (it’s dishwasher safe). As a matter of principle, I wouldn’t microwave food in these - don’t want those toxic plasticizers leaching into your food - and you can’t use them in a conventional oven. They’re really just measuring cups/mixing bowls and a colander.


I don’t think there’s a colander, but perhaps I’m wrong.


The price has come down! Woot sold these on April 15 for 19.99 plus shipping. These are 33.82 today on Amazon,shipping included.

Are they worth it? Amazonians are split on this. They are NOT microwavable, if you care. The measuring cups are hard to use if you need an exact measure. They stack beautifully if you have storage issues. If it’s any indication, I’m passing on this and I buy lots of wooterific stuff.


I grabbed one. They look neat, I need some mixing bowls, and space is definitely an issue in my tiny kitchen.

Plus… well… I always get sucked in to making the most of the $5 shipping and I already bought something this morning.


Been wanting to order this one for a while. I like the Joseph Joseph brand (have some nice spoons in my kitchen from them) but didn’t want to pay the prior prices plus shipping. With this price and free shipping from an earlier purchase on kids.woot - made this purchase a no-brainer.


Ah! You are right! This is only the 6 piece set - the version I was looking at was 8 pieces.

I passed because I already have 5 mixing bowls in my house and because I believe most of the bowls do not have rubber bases. Again, I looked at the 8 piece set, though. This set may be different.


I have the 8-piece set but I’m grabbing a couple of these smaller sets to use for ingredients bowls and measuring cups for my counter storage containers. So glad I waited for the price to drop. Saved myself $16 by waiting a few months.


Large mixing bowl includes non-slip ring on base; small mixing bowl with measurements on inside
Dishwasher-safe; not for use in the microwave
Measures 9-3/4 by 7-1/2 by 4 inches when nested