Joseph Joseph Elevate 6-Piece Utensil Set

Amazon has nothing but 4 and 5 star reviews

Amazon also has it for $1.43 more. That’s free shipping, with or without Prime. WTH Woot?

Wouldn’t it still just drip sauce onto the counter?

Love the color coding, so to speak, on the various utensils.

Oh, and not to get all “foodie” to those of you at home, but that thing you flip pancakes with is, in fact, a turner, not a spatula!

Joseph Joseph Page

anyone else notice this?
15” x 13” x 2.5”

they are enormous lol

This is a terrible woot. It’s 5% less than an item you can buy at any time. I guess if I bought three sets… then this would be a steal!

Even then you’re looking at ~22 dollars vs ~26 and way more spatulas than you need…

Thats exactly my thought… doesnt drop in one place so it runs down to another

It does drip a bit onto the counter, but that’s easy enough to clean up. Don’t use these as serving spoons once you serve the food however. The way they are weighted, if you put a pot on the dining table and have one of these spoons in the pan it’ll flip itself out of the pan, because the handle is heavy. Makes a mess of your table. Work fine as cooking spoons though.

It will also only take 2 days for it to arrive on Amazon (with Prime) as opposed to 10 days from woot. (Because I need my over-sized spatulas ASAP.) This settles it. I’m taking my business over to Amazon.

3 sets for me (well one for me and 2 for presents) because the colors will look so pretty hanging beside the stoves of me and my friend’s kitchens…its got that rainbow thing going that males of our kind seem to relate too :wink:

I guess Amazon figured out they can use Home.woot to drive buyers to their main site. How stupid do they think we are? Don’t answer that.

“Joseph Joseph was a Flexible Turner that thought it was a Ladle”
“Na-na Nah-nah Na… Nah Na…”
“Get Back!”
“Get Back!”
“Get back into the drawer where you belong”

Bit more specific on the product website if you want to edit your entry above, $40, with a bit more detail:™-kitchen-tools

One thought on the “hygienic” thing: I think the relative cleanliness is in not getting counter/tabletop/spoonrest germs in your food while you’re not actively stirring/turning/etc. I doubt it’s for keeping counters clean because, as someone else said, they’re still going to drip.

It would be so much better with the little carousel stand I’ve seen them with though… anyone know if that can be bought separately?

Edit: I haven’t found the carousel sold separately, and the set with the carousel is ~$50.

was definitely considering it until i saw all the posts… thanks for the info everyone. and thanks amazon prime

Prime tends to make you spend more money, even though they lead you to believe you are saving.

Actually $43.03, with free shipping.
Interestingly, it is 4for3 eligible, making each $32.27 if you want to buy 4, as I do.
With that price and the carousel, something to consider.

Carousel set