Joseph Joseph Elevate 6-Piece Utensil Set



$40 and out of stock at Amazon. 5 star reviews.

Yes, it’s elevated, so whatever you’re spooning isn’t directly touching your counter, but you’re still going to want something underneath it to catch the drips.

In for one, also to note the reviews mention the handles aren’t as heat resistant as the rest of the tool.

does anyone know when these were on previously? How much?

Goes with my Komachi knife set.

The negative reviews on Amazon are from people who left the utensils in the pan/pot. From the video, it appears that only the nylon head (black part) is heat resistant up to 480 degrees, NOT the handles.

Who leaves their utensils in hot pans? I learned to not do that in 7th grade Home Economics.

almost bought it, almost. the handles not being hear resistant is a big no no. great idea though.

Prior Woot: Nov 20 Woot!

Didnt see a price listed.

That’s just what I was thinking. The Komachi series can stand out alone in a kitchen and these look like a good compliment to that contemporary look.

Beat me to it. It was 25 dollars shipped. A lot of people were complaining because these were ~26 dollars on amazon at that time.

Edit: It WAS 26 dollars at the time from amazon. Currently it’s sold out with a 40 dollar price tag

Yeah they are a chatty bunch. I actually had to soundproof my utensil drawer because they just wont shut up when I’m trying to sleep. I tried to give them to the goodwill but they wouldn’t take them.

As it turns out, Joseph Joseph isn’t a guy, it’s two guys: twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph… not that it matters…

It’s hard to tell before you try them, but it seems like they could take up a lot space in the drawer because of the handles. Maybe there’s a wall rack that would work with them.

I agree, it’s a great idea but they would take up too much space

bought them a year ago for myself from Nordstroms and now I am buying a set as a gift. They are great!

I looked around for you and This Rack has a lot of great reviews. It appears to have enough space to mount all these utensils too.

It’s a great price at 9.99 with free shipping on amazon prime, free super saver with a $25 order.

Would consider buying one of these but an amazon review claimed that they delaminated over time. That concerns me.

I can vouch for these.

I bought my mother the same set in the carousel holder thingy and they are well over a year old and she still uses them.

Also, most of the reviews on amazon are mostly positive.

the carousel set is basically this set but with a nifty holder thing. Woots price of $25 shipped is good, they are worth that.