Joseph Joseph Index Cutting Boards



Great product and great price. $70 from the manu and $68 on Woot’s big brother site.

I would buy if I didn’t already have it.


If I didn’t hand label some cutting boards I have for different food, I’d be getting this. Sadly it was not meant to be.

But the white board, am I suppose to cut soup on it?

Because I do not have a board for that.


Seems awfully expensive for what you get… is it really worth that? I mean $70 MSRP is crazy – the sale on woot makes it fairly reasonable, but even then…


In case you’re wondering why it’s $5 more at $29.99 than the last boards, they are different than the previous woot: the most obvious way is the boards are bigger, and I don’t know if the previous boards had feet, but these definitely do compared to the February woot-off.
and woot in Feburary
so, those links can help, but not the same product. Similar.


Maybe I’m missing something here, but how is packing these four boards snugly together in a box supposed to prevent cross contamination? Wouldn’t it work better if there were dividers built into the box so that the boards didn’t rub against each other?


I say the white one is for cutting stinky onions on it, but it’s really for cooked food.


So it seems that the categories are vegetables, fish, raw meat and cooked food. This comes from Joseph Joseph’s website.

So I guess the white board’s picture is supposed to make you envision steam rising off of your food?


What are the cutting boards made of, glass or plastic?

Shouldn’t you only use wood cutting boards the majority of the time (except for raw meat obviously) to extend the life of your knives?


What are they made of and are they BPA free?


there isnt a yellow board for poultry.


Now THERE’s a valid use of the white board:Poultry. Hard to believe Joseph missed that category!


Real chefs use the Joseph Joseph Rolodex Cutting Board System… but this is a good OCD starter kit.


I’m a bit confused about the icons…

Carrot cutting board
Fish cutting board
Soup cutting board
Bloody Pirate Stump cutting board?


I was wondering the same thing…


Shot in the dark here, but maybe because you wash them before putting them away? Crazy I know, but it just might work.


Bacteria and things can live in the knife slits/scratches even after being washed.


If washing was good enough you wouldn’t need separate boards And there would be no need for this product.


What are they made from???


From the Joseph Joseph website:

Non-slip chopping boards
Made from polypropylene, these high-quality boards won’t blunt knives. Rubber feet on both sides of each board keep them safely still during use.