Josmeyer Pinot Blanc & Riesling Set (2)

Josmeyer 2006 Pinot Blanc & Riesling Set 2-Pack
$49.99 (Normally $72.00) 31% off List Price
2006 Pinot Blanc Mise du Printemps Alsace
2006 Le Dragon Riesling Vin D’Alsace
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Winery website

Kind of pricey but these wines sound delicious. First offer I’ve been interested in but no OH shipping… bummer.

Pinot Blanc is availiable at for $20 with $12.73 tax and shipping.

Riesling is availiable at for $17 with $11.25 shipping.

This totals to ~$61 If one goes in for 2. so for one set, Woot wins.

but for 2 sets, you can purchase from 2 seperate retailers and pay full shipping for $102.96 versus Woot’s price of $104.98.

WD and folks you do a wonderful job but it seems you missed here.

And for those who care about ratings: (wish I could find the descriptions to go with them but unfortunately I can’t find one. It would be helpful)

Riesling le dragon:

Wine Advocate: 87 points
Wine Spectator: 85 points

Pinot blanc

Wine Enthusiast: 87
Decanter 3/5

wow this is bad. 51 minutes and not one buyer.

Good call. I must resist the temptation to order 2 bottles of each from those sites though, or sure as bleep I’ll end up with a mixed case from both of them.

Maybe if you buy one or three, it will get the ball rolling! Thanks in advance for helping out, everyone appreciates it.

unless you’ve already purchased something today and don’t have to pay for shipping!

Wine neophyte here… isn’t 2006 pushing the drinking window for a Riesling?

Not on a high quality riesling. Although I have no idea if this offer falls into that category or not.

This is true.

The really funny thing is that given that these are alsacian wines and I’d like to try them, I’d probably get them at this price if there was something more speaking for them… someone who had tried one recently, a winery rep… something other than silence.

Strange. At least 1 1/2 hour into this woot off wine.woot offering, still no buyers. Sad. Reviews I have seen are certainly not convincing me to buy. Next offer? Perhaps I can sleep now for several hours or even a day?

I will admit I went all out with Castoro Woot Plus offering. I bought the Oakenshield Primitivo in a prior offering and it is one of my all-time favorites.

One could only hope that perhaps there is only one of these for sale…the last three items on the woot page were onesies and sold immediately…someone save us here:)

Taking one just to be part of a legend.

Unfortunately, looks like there’s 49 left…

Yay for UncleFluffy! Here’s to hoping this is the steal of the day.

If no-one else buys any do I get the leftovers?

I’ve been waiting for a Riesling, but I can’t justify $25/bottle. I bought the Radog 12 during the last woot-off and am really hoping it comes up again (while I’m paying attention).

Uncle Fluffy, I salute Thee


I’ve snarfed a couple of the Castoro Cellars Red 4 packs from the other page as well tonight.

But, please, Woot-Gods, one more in the woot-off before bedtime? Pretty please?