So unlined? Because that would be the best choice (for me anyway).

Yep all unlined. They’re really pretty awesome. Denik does a great job with them.

Is the page count confirmed? Other Denik journals are noting 200 pages. Just wondering …

Also, a small caption of the title and artist on the bottom of the back cover would be cool too. Not sure if that could be worked in or not …

LOVE THESE! Yes woot yes! Gonna stew on which one(s) I want. Wonder if my moleskine pen quiver will fit these-

These are at 150. Title and artist name on the cover interior.

Nothing foxy or otherwise furry-friendly here. I’m disappointed Woot. These would be a great item for the furry-folk to sketch and doodle in. Perhaps for next time, or for the inevitable foxy side sale. (You should talk to r/foxes about that one :D)

I’d buy a handful of these for gifts if I could grab them in lined fashion (college rule would be best). I have quite a few writers that would love to have them.

Anyone know if lined journals are soon to follow?

Thanks for the confirmations!

Oh my gosh I want. Unlined?! Yay!!! I’m so tempted to buy like 3 or 4 of these. I love journals but I’m poor so I usually buy them when I can find them on clearance for like $5. Even 1 here will be a splurge for me.

GAWD! spasmz Why don’t I have any money!!?!??!

Looks like those of us that would like them lined are in the minority. There are three designs I would liked to of purchased if these were lined. Maybe next time.

they all look soooo awesome.
wish woot would give a discount if you buy 5 or more :stuck_out_tongue:
$12 is a bit steep IMHO :frowning:

They ship the same day as the release of the new CoD! Must be an omen. I must buy one…

Liederkranz is double-sided, brilliant. :^)

I just placed an order but I was too late. . .*#!@ Any chance of printing more?

I too would be interested in lined journals.

Not loving the perfect binding (over the years sewn bindings have held up far better) but I’d be willing to overlook if a few other criteria are met.

Does anyone know the paper weight (GSM preferably rather than poundage)? I assume this is 150 pages/75 sheets (page count is deceptive if a sheet is so thin the backside cannot be adequately used)? Also are the sheets bright white, standard white, off white, or cream? Finally, it looks as though they have no closure, elastic or otherwise, how are these at staying closed flatly after being put through the paces?

On a tangential note, this would be especially awesome if it were available in a dot grid.

Liederkranz Portal mouse for lab notebook?

Liederkranz Portal mouse for lab notebook.

More patterns please. I’m becoming a paper and pen snob and these would be amazing, but not digging any of these as journals.

My insta-buy list:

another college lined fan. I’ll just have to wait with you guys.