I would buy one but for me waiting nearly a month to get a 12 dollar notebook is undesirable especially if that 12 dollars could be put to use on a shirt which would ship much faster haha.


Just bought some for Christmas presents. One of my best friends will ONLY buy unlined journals, and there were like 6 designs that I think she would like. (I chose 2.)

And my eldest loves Dragons and needs a new assignment/doodle pad.


  • NOTE - Yep - shipping is still free on these even though they aren’t shirts :smiley:

I want one, but I don’t love these design choices. Infinty & Birthplace are twinsies, Shrodinger & Nevermore are twinsies. I know Binge and Nowhere are big sellers but I don’t know how well they work on journals. I dunno - I would have tried harder to have a bit more differentiation in the selection? Some more unique designs? shrug Maybe next time.

Just chiming in for lined - I asked on FB and they said " I know we’re usually open to offering different options if we see there’s enough of a demand to do so." so speak up or forever hold your peace!

I’d love college ruled as well. Still getting at least one, but I write more than I draw or sketch.

Wow, journals! Just in time for Nanowrimo! Of course lined would be better for writing, . .still the inkwell would be nice.

Awesome. Bought one for me and the Mrs. We really don’t need more journals, but am glad to see Woot offer such awesome designs.

Oh and I would like a lined option, too.

Still debating on which design[s] to get but did want to chime in. I’m going to get one or two for gifts but personally I need at least lined. As an engineer I would be an instant buy if any were dot grid :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: or Polar grid… I would be broke if there were ever any with polar paper

Similar in theme, but not the same. Keep in mind that some folks have opinions over some artists too.

I purchased one. Can’t. Wait until it arrives. I was happy to see no lines. Draw,write or just plan odd notes will be jotted down in mine.

This is exactly why I just bought 2! Woot should start a NANOWRIMO group!!!

So I’ve noticed the back cover has the mouse legs fixed so they are outside the portal. I guess all the complaints about the back looking a little bit too much like a male reproductive cell (including some from a manager at my work that said I couldn’t wear the shirt to work anymore… I still did on occasion) and Woot got Bass to redo it. I hope they update the shirt itself with the legs so I can rebuy it :wink:

It was updated. They’ll bring it back sooner or later, I suppose…

Colors of a Feather is perfect for this. Alas, I know if I bought it, it would only join all the other journals I have and never actually use…


How does the +$5 overnight shipping work for this, since these are printed to order? Would the order still have to wait until 11/5 to be processed? Asking because I’m trying to figure out if I can get this in time for a birthday present…

Also, put me in the camp interested in lined journals.

I’m not sure overnight shipping will be an option for this. You can add it to your cart and see if the option shows up without placing your order. Hope that helps!

but but but… I want my journal tomorrow!

I would like lined journals as well. Also, I would really love Rule #1: Cardio to use as an exercise journal.

Of course, Narf. I wasn’t trying to be insulting, I was just pining for a little more selection. I’m sure everyone has their favorites.