Still unlined makes me a sad sad panda… especially with the new designs!!! Bummer, I’d love to snag a few.


~+1 vote for College rule.~

Designs really do look great, but pricy for me…

I just received “Infinity Plus One” and “Birds of a Feather” from the last journal sale today, which is quite fortunate timing because now I can actually comment on the quality of these suckers.

And that comment is that they’re really beautiful journals!

The designs are well-rendered and accurate to the product images.

The pages are thick enough that my usually-visible-on-both-sides pen doesn’t show through. Haven’t tried pencil yet, but it should write smoothly as well.

Best of all, IMHO, the cover is soft and silky, meaning when I pick them up to write, I don’t want to put them down (though one downside to this is that the dark Infinity cover seems it might be prone to scratching).

Overall, I’m very pleased with the two journals I have and am looking forward to filling them with doodles, musings, and art.

Thanks for the push, spilzer. I still want lined, but I don’t think I can resist The Time Is Meow. I’ll just have to try to write in a straight line.

I’m still waiting on the second journal I ordered from the first side sale. Still, I could be easily pushed into buying that Le Chat journal. That is one of those amazing designs that I don’t really think works well on a t-shirt but that I’d love as a poster or journal. sigh These are high on the journal price scale though…

They do have an awesome to hold cover though. It just feels so good in your hands.

Some of these really work well! Almost better than shirts… I am looking at you DaVinci.

I love you guys! i bought three the last time they were around, i am ordering 3 more as soon as i get paid again! Woo! please make this a regular thing!~

Woot picked some gorgeous designs this go around, but woe, for they are unlined again.

I just tried on several of the journals that I already have at home and none of them worked adequately as a shirt. This is shirtwoot, right?

Fantastic design choices. Will probably get one. Would be buying a lot more if they were lined.

Do all journals have the Shirtwoot label on the back?

Can’t find details about these. How big are they? Size? Pages?

I bought 2 in the last plus sale and love them- they even work with Moleskine accessories, like my quiver here, for you notebook aficionados… :slight_smile: buy em!

Label is on the back and inside cover-

8.25x5.25 - I think 150 pages…

W00t!!! I just asked last week about when more journals were going to be printed and what do I see in my inbox? Journals!


OK, yes, I’m a bit silly about journals, but really, JOURNALS.

Thrilled to see another journal sale, disappointed that they’re unlined. I’ll buy a ton as soon as you sell lined, but none until then.

I agree with every other comment about not having lines. I was truely disappointed that this did not have lines. We are a culture that has to stay between the lines. Without the lines, I am lost.

Ooh, these are lovely! I really like lined journals, though. . .I don’t have very good straight-writing skills. Even a mixed journal (some lined pages and some unlined pages) would be really nice! That way I could have spaces for drawing and spaces for writing.

The Green Door design is amazing.

(Also, is there no way to get rid of this avatar? I am terrify. How do I use my Twitter one instead?)