joysitck, controller..for those that play games..need advice and suggestions


i havent played many PC games since quake 1 and never mastered the keyboard / mouse thing… what do you recommend to use for a controller.

i have a usb adapter to use my playstation 2 controller but can never get it to work …just for old mame stuff…

with so many sweet looking games out there i want to get back into them…



What kind of games? For FPS stuff I can’t get away from ASDW on the keyboard and the mouse. I hear about a lot of people getting joysticks for BF2 (even the woot ones) for controlling the planes and such. I’ve never liked using a controller on a PC… eh, maybe I’m the wrong person to ask. I’m totally happy with mouse and keyboard.


after a little searching it looks like saitek makes some controller pads with an fps function which basically maps all the keys to buttons… i might check those out