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I’m looking for input on a logo. It’s for my TV Production class. I’m doing a cheesy spoof of (the somewhat already cheesy) Password Plus.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Incidentally, here’s an entire episode of Password Plus on YouTube:
Episode From Jan 14, 1980 (The host is married to Betty White, btw)
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5


Is this a trick question? :wink: maybe it’s my untrained eye but I don’t see a difference between the two.


It is the length of the “k” & “d” ascenders…


Option 1 is preferred by me. In option 2, that S up there above the rest looks wrong, somehow.


I agree with Dr. Joe. The shorter upstrokes throw off the framing of the whole logo in my opinion.


I must be nuts, but there is no difference.




What the heck are you people looking at!?!?!??! I even took out a tape measure and measured.

I can see they are listed as two seperate imageshack things…but THERE ISN’T ANY DIFFERENCE!!!



I measured the damn thing. NO difference.


mrs.name in option 1 the k and d lines go above the word super

option 2 has the lines at the middle part of the top of the letter s

I would super impose the images for you, but i do not have any graphic software on this computer.


p.s. I prefer option 1 as well, makes it boxy more of a word game feel.


Well I’m gonna go against the grain and vote for Option 2, however unnoticeable the difference is. The word Super should extend up over “keyword” a little, putting more emphasis on the “Super” aspect of Super Keyword. In Option 1, Super is boxed in and confined and not very super.

But remember this is coming from someone who didn’t even notice the difference in the first place.


i’m starting to think i might save this logo for when i turn this into an actual game show on our campus station (because it’s too simple not to and we need content), and try to go with a heavier, more ‘80s’ looking font for the spoof, in the pattern of option 1. good catch those of you who figured out the difference, it’s very subtle but it does seem to change things… if i go with option 2, i might make it so the S stands out a bit more, even





Thank you



Joe, how did you miss seeing the cheese? Don’t you do the woot shuffle to get from one site to another?
You would pass through wine if you did.

Click on the woot on top of the page and go to the product page. Click on it again and go to shirtwoot, click again wine.woot. Click wine and get to woot. Woot to Shirt to wine to woot. A huge circle of woot. I just doesn’t work for sellout. Must be some deal they made with yahoo.


We can’t get wine shipped to Maryland, so I don’t ever read it. I click through to get to shirt woot, but not as often to go back around. I usually have a woot tab and a couple of shirt.woot tabs open. I have woot bookmarked, but not shirt woot, so I usually open woot then click through to shirt.woot. silly, I know.


Well now you will have a whole bunch of PMs when they have cheese!

Have you heard anything on the halloween shirt? Were they printed or not? I’m going to have to wash my womens XL soon and then it won’t fit, I need my new one!


Is Joe’s tshirt moon made of cheese?