JRM Chemical Soil Moist Granules

JRM Chemical Soil Moist Granules

FYI- My bad. Didn’t realize how SMALL this bag is for $10(!)—just received it. Like 6”x5”x2. Sad.

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Nearly half the price of same item sold on Amazon. read the reviews over there seems it expands a lot 100 X’s. I think it will be good for my house plants that I forget to water until it’s nearly too late. Seems like an excellent deal


Wouldn’t these do essentially the same thing, cost a hell of a lot less, and also fun to throw around the extras?

That rainbow colored stuff is half the weight for $2.60something less. Not as good of a deal and you won’t see the pretty colors if it’s mixed in with dirt. would be pretty in a vase with some cut flowers.