Jsport by Jambu Arrow Women's Lace Up

Jsport by Jambu Arrow Women's Lace Up

I went to buy this, but even though I logged in with Amazon, it looks like I’m being charged $6 for shipping.

I just came to post the same thing. I put two pairs in my cart and the box that says Free Amazon shipping is checked off but there is a $6.00 shipping charge being added to the order.

It looks like everything is charging the shipping

@Thunderthighs Woot is broke again. I tried the usual tricks.

I am having the same issue. Plus, when I hit Place your order, nothing happens. I’ve tried different browsers on two different computers.

It’s working now. Shipping is fixed too.

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Yup. Thanks. Working now.

I’m still getting the $6 shipping cost. What’s happening here?

Ok, all fixed.

I"m being charged shipping!!! Slightly frustrated here.

Hi all. I’m jostling the devs now to see why shipping isn’t coming up as free.

If you want to go ahead and order, you can contact CS after ordering to get refunded the $6 shipping.

Update: could you pls try again.

Mine was free shipping at 10:20 AM

Any comments about the shoes?

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I bought a pair from walmart and they are strangely uncomfortable. The big toe area on the left shoe rubs my foot, and the heel area of the right shoe rubs. I wore them once and got a pair of odd blisters. The bottom inside is soft.

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I bought a pair of these for my wife back in May for $12.99. Surprisingly comfortable that I’m in for another pair at only $9.99.

I have Amazon Prime and am still being charged $6 shipping so I did not place the order.

It’s a glitch in their system. I wasn’t charged for shipping

Just bought two pair no shipping charge. 12:30am. FYI

Ordered early on the 1st. Still preparing for shipment… I know there was a holiday in there but talk about slow. I thought the estimated delivery date of 7/31 was a well exaggerated placeholder. Maybe not. Amazon Prime has ruined me.